Sally Beerworth opened The J.O.E Foundation in May 2011.

Sally doesn’t really consider herself an overly nice person, but when her own divorce almost cost her her smile, she started writing a funny novel to make herself giggle. And whilst writing the book she decided to start The Foundation. She wasn't exactly sure exactly how she could possibly help anyone. So as a writer, she started a little Facebook group to help people to smile more… cos sometimes in life there is nothing else you can do.

Then people started asking her for merchandise and books featuring all her silly quotes. She had some printed, and people from all around the world started buying them. 

Sally is now sponsored by the ARTS COUNCIL OF ENGLAND...funny.

We now supply to stores and galleries in the UK, USA, Oz, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, France and Brazil.

Sally now puts aside a chunk of the money she earns, to try and help people financially when they are going through a break up.

Her first book 'Updating Under the Influence' made it to No 3 on Amazon in the humour section in August 2011. There are more books coming. Sorry Sally's mum.

Sally can be booked for speaking events, and she has been known to work for cupcakes. She is also not at all opposed to you flying her somewhere from London for the job…especially back to her native Oz.

Sally has trademarked her slogans and The Joy of Ex Foundation.